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My Little Poem
– Ponies with Swallow the Sun

[Click here for the accompanying song]

She Visits Her Friends

I can still see their smiles.

All my friends' familiar faces,
They stood here beside me at the eve of the gala.
Through this one night, all nights for years
Over the centuries, over the mortal lifetimes…

After gala I go to see my friends,
Meet them in their rest,
Give them my time…
This one night
I remember them, put flowers on their graves,
When they've left me
Where I cannot follow…

We had our days together.

Our laughter, rich and heartfelt.
In their company I felt peace:
Every moment's measureless ease,
No more a queen,
Not a goddess,
Just a friend.
Could I ever forget them…?

Is this the price I pay for immortality?
See them wither and fade over the passing times,
Carry the memories, when the world around forgets?
When their smiles pass away, when it's all that's left…

Haven't I paid enough when I lost her?
Haven't I paid enough when I scarred the moon?
Haven't I had enough toll on my neck?
Why must I pay anymore…?

Why should I care of the mortal bonds,
How could I heal my aching heart,
When they only leave me?

After gala I went to see my friends,
Left new flowers on the countless graves.
Wiped the tears, when the solitude held no answers.

"Goodbye for now… my new friends await me."

Here, at the eve of the Season 3, we finally get to the final poem from the stack I wrote back in summer/autumn. The dark sister for my sunny Celestia poem [link] , "She Visits Her Friends" is the Celestia equivalent for my "Emo poetry series".
Originally based on Epica’s Run for a Fall, but it didn't grant enough emotion, so I switched it to Swallow the Sun’s Cathedral Walls. Incredible song, ethereal acoustic atmosphere with Anette Olzon’s vocals combined with the immeasurable halls of despair in doom metal.

This was supposed to be about Celestia reminiscing all of her Grand Galloping Galas. It ended up with Celestia questioning her immortality, and the price she pays for it: everything around her will die and be gone one day.
Of course, this is based on sometime before Luna was freed.
And like was the deal with my Lunangst poem, I’m probably way too late to write about this subject. There’s like bazillion comics, fics and stuff that deal with this theme. And I was pretty close to simply give up on this once I heard Ponyphonic’s Lullaby for a Princess. But here it is anyway.

My Little Pony © :iconhasbroplz:
“Cathedral Walls” © Swallow the Sun, from the album “Emerald Forest and the Blackbird”. Written by Juha Raivio.
Song is used as a soundtrack for the lyrical content in terms of tribute, homage, parody and ponies.
The thumbnail is ”MLP FIM: Bitter Sea of Regrets” [link] by :iconkarnella: With the permission of the artist, picture is edited slightly by turning it black-and-white.

My MLP poetry, My Little Poems, can be found here [link]
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
this is beautifully done. beautiful art piece and beautiful poem here to commemorate celestia's continual losses and tribulations she must carry.
Radoxeald Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you :iconfluttershyhappyplz:
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
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