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September 5, 2012
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– Ponies with Turisas

[click here for the accompanying song]

The Oath of the Equestrian Guard

The sun lit over the skyline,
A sign for the ending watch
Stationed firm on the mountain,
On the castle of the Harmony's realm.

Along the sunrise, beginning the next shift
I take my place on wall
As we watch for the Canterlot mountain,
As we're the Equestrian Guard…

Guards of glory and of might,
Bound to serve through day and night,
Sworn to protect the ponykind,
Under grace of the Sun and the Moon.

From the farthest corners of kingdom
Arrived the newest ranks.
Born from the lines both high and low,
Gathered here with one common purpose.

Stronger than magic our bonds stick together,
Vigilant we watch the sky,
Hooves firm on the earth that supports us,
We guard the Equestrian Land.

Guards of glory and of might,
Bound to serve through day and night,
Proudly rise to give your oath
To the grace of the Sun and the Moon:

"On this day we give ourselves
under the service of the Royal Sisters, Silvery Moon and Golden Sun.
The Guard of the Equestrian soil, we are the shield that protects the innocent.
Were it at War or at Peace, we won't step aside from the Harmony's path…"

Guards of glory and of might,
Bound to serve through day and night,
Sworn to protect the ponykind,
Under grace of the Sun and the Moon…

Yes! Yes! Finally! I’m back where I started in January with this poem: the epicness of ponies and Turisas combined once again for the brilliant killer, March of the Varangian Guard from the album “Stand Up and Fight”.

I don’t usually "ponify" songs this straightforwardly, but this one was such a fun opportunity that I could not pass it. Also, I got the chance to use that brilliant album cover as a thumbnail.

And boy, it’s about time to submit this. This was one of the first pony poems I planned to do back in winter, but due to the new ideas coming up and scheduling the buffer it’s always been pushed back later. I finally finished it in summer and found a place to submit it after The Canterlot Series.

My Little Pony © :iconhasbroplz:
“March of the Varangian Guard” © Turisas, from the album “Stand Up And Fight” Written by Mathias Nygård
Song is used as a soundtrack for the lyrical content in terms of tribute, homage, parody and ponies.
The thumbnail is ”Ponisas – Stand Up and Fight” [link] by :iconicaron: (originally commissioned by ~Maddog3060)

My MLP poetry, My Little Poems, can be found here [link]
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I want to make a cover with this lyric
Radoxeald Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Absolutely you can! Just send me the link when it's on the webs. :D
I don't promise much, but do what I can
21stcenturybard Nov 16, 2012  Professional Writer
OMG...I'm listening to this song as I look at this! Finnish metal + ponies...this must be what heaven is like. 8D
Radoxeald Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Pretty close to it at least, yeah. :horns:
This is really good :) Reminds me of the ideas I have, of creating possibly an epic war-type story in the MLP universe :D
Radoxeald Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks ^^ War story sounds nice, count me interested to read it once it's out.
You're welcome :D

Alrighty ^^ The idea I've currently been brainstorming is about a war between the Equestrians and the Changelings :D
kingsmannoose Sep 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Love Turisas and The March of the Varangian Guard! That being said, your version should really be put to song!
Radoxeald Sep 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'd totally do that if I had any talent in whatever-it-would-take (programming? recording? instruments? singing?), or knew any people who would like to do that. Feel free to suggest it if you know anyone. ;)

And thanks for the fave. :iconfluttershyyayplz:
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